Do you long to know your life purpose, your soul purpose? 
Do you feel like you are here to fulfil a destiny? 
Are you searching for more meaning in your life? 
Have you ever wondered if you are living your most fulfilling life?

Remember your BEing Reading

This reading is an integration of Human Design (HD) with key elements of Gene Keys and intuition. 

Remember your BEing reading creates awareness of soul purpose and life purpose themes, including unique talents and gifts. When you know who you are and why you are here, it places your life experiences in context and supports you to understand what you are here to be and to do.

We are by nature designed to with our own unique story, although through daily life, it is easy to lose sight of our own inner BEing. Human Design is a way to remember the magnificence and the power of your own story, uncovering all the attributes and talents you have brought into this incarnation and discovering what you are truly here to be.

This is where I can support you and give you access to your Human Design and assist in revealing the individual codes of your awakening, which are linked to your DNA, that can be activated with Gene Keys.

Human Design - How It Works

Human Design is made up of your unique chart based on your time of birth, place of birth and date of birth.  It is a synthesis of Eastern and Western Astrology, the Chinese I Ching, the Hindu Chakra System, Judaic Kabbalah and Quantum Physics. It does not predict your future, but rather informs you of your potential and the challenges you may bump up against to reach your potential.

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Gene Keys - How It Works

The central premise to Gene Keys is that we have the 64 archetypes of the Chinese I Ching (hexagrams) hidden inside of us. It is our deeper purpose, our pure ‘essence’ as a BEing. It is encoded in our DNA.  To understand ones Gene Keys, you should have a basic understanding of your Human Design. Human Design combines your astrological positions from the time and place of your birth with the I Ching and fixes the code of life to a single moment of imprinting. Add Gene Keys and now I can create your map of the spectrum of consciousness.

This map is divided into 3 levels of human states of consciousness, called the Shadow, the Gift, and the Siddhi. With your birth time, I can show you specific patterns of consciousness that govern your life. These patterns, which are dependent on frequency, play a role in our psychological and spiritual development.

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Your soul purpose potential is generally more mundane and ordinary than you might expect, but it is probably the most challenging part of your story. It relates to what you are here to learn and expand upon, and your soul is not particular about the way in which you experience this.

Your life purpose potential on the other hand, relates more to your personality in this lifetime. It may include your career, but not always, and is generally more about the talents and attributes you bring to BE your authentic self.

When you know who you are and why you are here, it places your life experiences in a context and supports you to understand what you are here to be and to do.  Your life becomes more meaningful, increasing vibrant living, creating vital life-force energy, and maximising spiritual, mental and physical health.

Each Human Design reading includes your personal chart, general information explaining the chart, and a 2-hour reading either via Zoom.

Remember your BEing Reading

Included in your session will be a Human Design reading, a Gene Keys reading and possibly an intuitive reading. My wish and intention is to provide you with as much insight and information as I can.

Deeper Insight and Rememberance into who you are at a Soul Level

In essence ~ the entire BEing at a frequency level. Who you are with the combination of all unique frequency flows and the encoded information within those frequency streams of your unique energetic soul make up.  

  • Discover your gifts and how they link into your life’s PURPOSE
  • Learn how to open your heart in your RELATIONSHIPS
  • Gain insight on a way of your PROSPERITY

Where are you at within your Life Journey

Finding where you are, can put you on track.  It is always difficult to navigate ourselves when we are lost, especially if you are experiencing rapid growth or soul expansion.

Supportive Insight

Clarification about what may be keeping you stuck, preventing you from being in your own alignment and flow.

Explore your Soul Potenitals

These are the things that are ‘set up for you to succeed in’ if you do the alignment and groundwork.

Time for Questions

I usually find that I organically cover and answer your questions. However, I always check in throughout the session to ensure your needs are met.

I want you to leave our session feeling in your power, clear and connected to the truth of your being as well as having a sense of direction and purpose about what you as a human and soul are here to offer the world and where it is you need to heal, love yourself through and course correct.

A passage just near there

When you are embodied and living from your own power and light, you feel immensely good about yourself and life and you radiate at a frequency that impacts everything you create and contribute to, including the people in your life.

What to Expect

Appointments are generally between 1.5 – 2 hours long.

I go into as much detail as I possibly can. I am honest and I speak very frankly, there is normally no ‘fluff’ in my consults (I mean well but I do not sugar coat it).

Investment: $293 AUD

If you are feeling the calling and are ready to have a reading, please email me at MISHEL to schedule a time and date.