One of my first and biggest projects is the ‘Losing the extra MESH I gained in 2019’. It is quite obvious that during filming @mafs I gained a bit of extra ‘Mishel’ to love.

An extra 13kgs of MESH!

I have been a curvy woman, ever since I started trying to have my babies. It was during that time my body started to change, change to a more voluptuous figure. It took me some time to get used to my new shape and start to embrace my curves, but I did it with age, confidence and positive affirmations.

I am now back to my pregnancy weight just before I gave birth to my beautiful daughter Eva. Not a weight I expected to be after ‘getting married’ 😝 on @mafs or turning 50!

Even though I believe curves are cool, I just don’t feel as healthy and fit as I did before I entered the experiment, so… it is my challenge to fit back into my ‘Hen’s Night’ little black Bec and Bridge dress.

I hope that you share my journey with me.

PS. Mesh is my nickname, it has been my nickname since I was born. #mishelkaren#weightloss#unveil50

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