My purpose is to raise my vibration and raise the vibration of humanity… SO  we can exist in a different and more peaceful existence, an existence of love.  Where LOVE can grow and heal, a universal love that is felt, sensed, experienced, lived, breathed; a LOVE that is cannot be described as it is everything, everywhere and makes life expand and everlasting. LOVE is an energy that heals, and it helps me meditate and heal each day.  I share this energy and living frequency with you in ‘ENERGY Healing’ and welcome you on the journey to enlightenment with Quantum Physics – A New Medicine of Frequency. 

Everything has frequency whether you can see it feel it smell hear it has a frequency.  Frequency can be transferred between organisms or matter, sometimes we can feel this transfer in the form of exertion heat, radiation, sound, light, current, smell, sound; other times it occurs without the slightest of recognition.   Our bodies are made up of over 70% of water, water conducts frequency effortlessly therefore our body is constantly in this state of change, adapting to the frequencies that surround us and thus influencing everything that comes in our path.

Knowing the body can heal itself, it can self- regulate and adjust with the right frequency. Offering the right frequencies, the cells can adjust themselves back to their original ‘health’ basic frequency. Whenever we offer to the cells their own frequencies, they are stimulated to come back to their basic and perfect frequencies and harmony.

Using Frequency specific Micro Currents to activate self-regulation, speed up a healing process and provide well-being with the assistance of a device to bring back harmony.

We are 70% water at the cellular level.
Our bodies are affected by frequency – vibrations
whether these be positive or negative
✨ The choice is yours!How do you choose to be vibrate today ✨

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