My ‘way of life’ is not a weight loss plan, and I am not claiming to be a weight loss guru, but I know a few things about the body and food. Firstly, the body needs food, how much and what you give it determines what the human suit looks. When I converted to listening to my BEing, I lost weight, I lost a substantial amount of physical kilograms and it was quite simple the fat just melted off.

Whether you lose kilograms or not on this plan, you will forever gain an appreciation for the weight that you are and for the way that you look.  The focus of the plan is your health and well-being, not your weight. We record your weight, measure your size, and photograph the human suit for our own appreciation and record keeping, as a positive experience.  Accepting yourself at your present weight is a non-diet approach to good health and weight control includes mindful, or intuitive eating. It is about listening to your body and teaching yourself to eat in response to your own internal cues of hunger, fullness, and appetite, rather than formally restricting the type or amount of food you eat.  It is about loving what you have and BEing ‘love’.

IT ALL STARTS with the intention or a decision, a choice. When you choose to listen to your body and decide health, then knowing what comes next and what works for you is where we start.

I my situation I needed health because I wanted to live, it was my short-term goal, survival.  Long term, I wanted health because I knew that my body deserved more, more than what I was giving it.  I never subjected my body to severe poorly health choices, but I knew that I could improve on what I was doing. I have studied health, nutrition, naturopathy, and a list of holistic healing modalities; I have the educational knowledge to treat myself. I AM a conscious BEing with the ability to and I know that Stop, think, and reflect.  I resonate health, healing, wellness and BEing and they all centre around the one truth; we ourselves know our own remedies, healings, cures, and knowing’s. We are our ultimate guides to ourselves, us and no one else, ‘I Am’ is all I need.

What do I EAT?

I eat unprocessed food. REAL FOOD. I let FOOD be FOOD. 

What does that mean?  If it is fruit, vegetable, or animal or if it comes directly from an animal then I eat it.

  • It is very simple no added extras
  • Nothing complex that my body needs to break down
  • if it can come from my garden even better
  • slightest amount of milk in the purest form
  • if I want to eat anything… I allow myself to eat anything! I can eat it! I am not denying my body, I am just being aware of the chemicals, the processing that the food has been manipulated to now become this new FOOD … so I ask myself do I want to sustain my body with this fuel?
  • I occasional have a piece of organic 80% dark chocolate for a range of reasons.

A typical day for me includes:

  • Coffee
  • Peppermint tea
  • Fruits can include:
    • Berries, apples, mandarins, persimmons, pawpaw, dragon fruit whatever is growing fresh.
  • Vegetables:
    • Fennel, cabbage, rocket, onions, tomatoes, capsicum, cucumbers, brussel sprouts, beans, zucchini, the list is endless… if it is growing in my garden I will eat it!
  • Protein:
    • Salmon, tuna, turkey, chicken, beef, lamb, pork, legumes.
  • Added extras:
    • Himalayan salt, fresh cracked pepper, fresh herbs for flavour, spices, lemon juice for salad dressing, full cream milk (coffee), lard, nuts, seeds.

I just don’t need anything else in my fridge or pantry.