You may know and love me, as the witty and playful participant on ‘Married at First Sight’ Australia, Season 7.

Who am I really?
I AM a naturopath and educator.  I have worked in the health, wellness, and the education sector for nearly 30 years.

I have dedicated years of study and vocation in the fields of naturopathy, health, pharmaceuticals, energy, healing, mindset, and education. I am a well-educated businesswoman with an eminent career in the education arena; that was cut short when I had tumors removed from my vocal chords and I lost my voice. My resilience in this type of situation has never let me down. I have this natural knack of picking up the pieces and rebuilding and recreating something better. It is a recurring theme.

I have continued to dedicate working in all areas of wellbeing, including working on myself, expanding my awareness of mind, body and psyche. This had a transformational side effect, reuniting me with my true self, the revelation of my Inner Goddexx, with a new sense of freedom and empowerment.  This is the life that I want for every BEing; a lifestyle which promotes love, kindness, health, and wellbeing.

My holistic approach to health, healing, wellness and BEing centers around the one truth that, ‘we ourselves know our own remedies’ – what will heal, cure, and what we know to be true for ourselves. Working intimately with the individual on the journey of ‘mind body spirit’ and wellness, I have seen BEings transform when they are reunited with their true, vibrant, healthy self –  their life force. We are our ultimate guides to our own healing and wellness. ‘I AM’ is all I need and all that you need in your life skills toolbox.

A note on mysticism and the spiritual

My connection to Eastern philosophies, inner soul work and the mystical is a portion of how I work with physiology. It is the hardest to quantify or qualify or explain, although it is valid and reliable. I blend the esoteric with practical, to reach a deeper transformational healing. I integrate these disciplines, knowing how unprocessed emotionality or wounding, transforms the state of the nervous system, and how that alters the responses from all physiological systems.

Resolving the stresses placed on the human body does require physiological support. But it also demands understanding, awareness, and the release of held conditioning, society’s expectations, past traumas, emotional conflict, and uncertainty.

I have had my ‘knowing’ for many years, ever since youth, although I never wanted to accept it.  In the year 2020, I came close to another realm on two distinct occasions, and that is when mysticism was something I knew I needed, to hold strong. Spiritual teachings have always been part of my life and I have often evaluated and contemplated how to integrate everything I have learned into wellness, wholeness, and BEing.

Your body bares the wounds, both the physical and the metaphysical. The human experience is not diminished by the mystical, it is completed, to do the inner work and to respect the role of collective and individual consciousness. Our relationship to everything changes, nothing remains untouched by resolving emotional and energetic challenges inside ourselves, and that includes the human body and the patterns we hold that are a legacy of the struggles we have faced.

My Wish

It is my wish that you know that healing is within you, and you too can Listen to your BEing and heal yourself. I would like to tell you that this is an easy journey but that is not true.  There will be people to pick you up when you fall but you need to do the hard work. You may suffer, and each of us suffer to different degrees during our journey.  Legitimate suffering is necessary, as it is when we suffer, that we grow, just like when rainbows appear after storms, our ever-expanding glory and intangible essence that explodes into knowledge of knowing. 

My biggest challenge was locating the channel which allowed me to receive my frequency to transmit my consciousness and be able to Listen to my BEing and then once found, having the courage to believe and trust.  Arriving at this consciousness requires a pureness, a cleanse, allowing only high frequency of nourishment whether that be of food, water, love, a high frequency of mind, body, and spirit nutrients. I have shared my path in small detail to all BEings, I encourage you to follow my path or adapt what I did to gain your own wisdom. 

Ultimately, it took Married at First Sight (MAFs), being exposed on television, to realise that other people saw me, that other people ‘knew me’ and could relate to me. I did not need the public approval but knowing that I had it, confirmed in my mind that I am perfectly imperfect, the most beautiful version of me.

I am the only authority in my life. I live in the vibration of my energy field.  I accept myself with my imperfections as uniqueness, a BEing a love.

Let me join you on your journey…

It is my offering, to join you, in your journey to health, wellness, weight acceptance, and self-awareness.  I will support you with the knowledge and motivation you need to reclaim your power, so you can reunite with your true self, glow with self-acceptance, and love yourself unconditionally. This ability, I believe, is not in a tablet or even in the hands of a doctor or master guru, it lies in the hands of a higher BEing, YOU…


Goals Aims

It is my goal to join you, in your journey to health, wellness and weight loss or weight acceptance. 

I will support you with the information and motivation you need to reclaim your power; so, you can reunite with your true self, glow with self-acceptance, and love yourself unconditionally.

This ability, I believe, is not in a tablet or even in the hands of a doctor or master guru, it lies in the hands of a higher BEing, you… your Inner Goddexx

Where I live…

I was born and raised in Brisbane.
I must admit I have never considered leaving my idyllic location. 

I am nested in a suburban paradise, on land that was used as farming for many decades and now this soil provides a fertile crop for a small time permaculturist like myself.

My garden is where I lose myself every day, it is my stress-free zone where I listen and work with nature. 

I am situated minutes from a national forest and a relatively short drive to the beach. I live a holistic life and have done so most of my existence, even when I had no idea that is what I was doing.

Growing up using natural remedies was a way of living and healing; I never questioned or queried this way of life, as I never knew any different.