I am the only authority in my life.

I live in the vibration of my energy field.

I accept myself with my imperfections as uniqueness, a

BEing of love.

When we stop living the life that our mind thinks that we should have, and decide to live freely in the vibration of our own energy, with full acceptance of imperfections as uniqueness… and as you grow more secure in your highest frequency of inner guidance, you are becoming aware and your knowing ignites… you realise that you are the only authority in your life… you realise that you are a BEing of love.

Welcome, you have arrived to seek self-love and understanding. I offer you a site with opportunities to discover who you are, accept who you are, and flourish in the true essence of you.  I want to empower you and support your growth, so that you can accept yourself with all your imperfections as well as your uniqueness.  I want to opportune you a life without comparison to anyone else, without needing to take control of situations or life, to just live. My wish for you is that you live your life, a life that is truly yours, using your own inner strength and wisdom.  A life that is aligned to your true essence, allowing calm and clarity, in your soul in this restless world.

I want to join you on your journey.

Mishel x

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